The Washington Post wrote an article about the Economic Policy Institute’s report talking about racism in America.

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) wasted no time bringing up racism in America.

Except EVERYTHING is deemed racist these days. If you look at someone the wrong way, it’s racist. If someone denies a sale to a customer, it’s racist.

Literally, everything is racist.

What does taking a knee do other than cause your leg to cramp up and fall asleep?

Correction: Democrats want Kamala.


Don’t you just LOVE how she omits that part?


Equality of opportunity is what Martin Luther King Jr. fought for.

Gee. And what do all of these areas have in common, Kamala? Oh. That’s right. Democratic leaders.

Maybe you should start by looking at your own party, Mark.

Spot on, Colonel.

Believe it or not, white people aren’t out to get black people. Not every white person in America hates other races. Why is that so hard for you to believe?