The Washington Free Beacon’s Second Amendment reporter, Stephen Gutowski, has been working to properly educate folks about firearms terminology, especially when gun grabbers advocate for legislation that’s already in place.

What he has to say is epic.


Know the difference, ya’ll.

*cough* Gun control advocates *cough*

Go through his Google Doc. It emails the difference between “assault rifles” and “assault weapons” and the difference between full auto verses semi-auto.

At least people took this opportunity to learn and ask questions.

The issue is those who are calling for stricter gun control laws don’t know the different vocabulary, which usually results in them calling for laws that are ALREADY place.


That’s an interesting “modification.”

And he’s sharing the concerns many in the Second Amendment community have.

At least someone admits that they learned something new.

That analogy made NO sense.

But that would make too much sense, wouldn’t it?

Especially when it comes to children’s lives.

Part of being a general assignment (GA) reporter is being prepared to cover any and every beat.