One America News Network’s Liz Wheeler brought up a rather interesting point about Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel. Maybe, just maybe, we would have seen a different kind of #StudentsStandUp Town Hall if CNN asked the Sheriff one prominent question:

They’d probably fear a riot by the gun grabbers.

Because they were CHICKENS. They wanted the title without the responsibility.


Like that’ll EVER happen. The students have become his latest cheerleaders…and soon-to-be voters.

Not a chance.

Journalism has gone and died by the wayside.

She made EVERY American who loves the Second Amendment proud.

It’s easier to place blame than to accept responsibility.

Most law enforcement officers are pretty pro-gun and pro-Second Amendment. They found the lone wolf in this guy and they’re going to milk him for all he’s worth.

Who’s going to fire him? The voters?

If their leader isn’t willing to go in and die for these kids, why would those under him want to do his dirty work?

Oh, yeah. Totally.

*eye roll*

He LITERALLY sat on the sidelines and watched things happen. There were very few times where he ACTUALLY jumped in and, you know, moderated.

Now THAT’S an idea!