Actress Bree Newsome seems to think that the only way for gun control legislation to pass is for African Americans to buy guns en masse.

You’re wrong, Bree.

Our Constitution sees NO skin color. It protects all Americans, regardless of race, religion or creed.

There are SO many things wrong with this chart.

Travel bans were proposed for Muslim extremists who were coming from the Middle East to do America harm.

The border wall was proposed to keep out illegal aliens, regardless of if they committed a murder or not.

The “more cops and prisons” notion for black people…no one knows where that supposed argument comes from.

Please, try again.

What gun control advocates fail to understand is that the NRA is made up of 5 MILLION gun owners across the nation. Members are average, everyday Americans who want their Second Amendment rights protected. There are only so many gun manufacturers and guess what? There are 5 million people working for those manufacturers.

Actually, if you look at the history behind the NRA, the organization fought to arm blacks. So there goes that narrative.

Oh brother…

Back up your claim.

Cynthia, there ARE black NRA members, you know.

Antonia Okafor is a prime example.

If teachers are allowed to start carrying guns, what makes you think everyone is going to turn into a madman or woman and suddenly start shooting kids?