According to Twitter’s Safety account, the social media company has gone through and verified a number of the Parkland shooting survivors account…as a means of keeping them safe.

They say they’re doing this because the survivors are being targeted and harassed on Twitter.

Wouldn’t verifying their accounts make them even MORE of a target for harassment? It’d be easier for people to verify who they are?

Here are a few of the verified accounts:

The community’s response to Twitter Safety’s posting was rather interesting.

Part of being on the Internet is knowing that there are predators out there. If these kids’ parents allow them to be on social media then they know the risks that come with being online. Twitter officials can’t protect every. single. person.

It’s not Twitter’s fault that these kids have decided to throw themselves into the mainstream media spotlight by standing up in favor of gun control. Part of being a known activist is knowing that your name is going to be smeared. If they didn’t want that kind of thing to happen to them then they shouldn’t have been so quick to launch themselves into the national spotlight the way they did.

And you know this was the straw that broke the camel’s back because….?

Gun control.

Twitter translation: if you disagree with them and you make it known, then you’re targeting them.