Former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly has a rather interesting question:

It’s a valid question.

You know SJWs were quick to jump on the defense though.

That’s a bit harsh, don’t you think? After all, O’Reilly doesn’t make any money (as far as we can tell) from the Second Amendment staying intact.

Clearly, you do if you’re taking the time to respond to his tweet. So there’s that…

Can someone PLEASE educate this guy on what an “assault weapon” truly is?

Only one problem with you using the “gaslighting” term: O’Reilly wasn’t the gunman, therefore the Parkland survivors are NOT his victims.

You call it blood money, we call it a “thank you” for protecting the Second Amendment.

…or he’s simply point out something people hadn’t thought of.

Not everything is a manipulation game, you know.

And what makes you think he’s being pressured by the NRA? Can’t ANYONE who is a legal gun owner have an opinion without being accused of being bought by the NRA?

Oh, you mean like student Doug Hogg, who is calm and collected during every interview?