Anytime a national tragedy happens, Democrats are quick to scream and point their fingers at Republicans for failing to do something about it. Look at what happened in Florida. Gun control advocates are quick to blame the GOP for failing to push tighter gun laws.

President Trump reminded Democrats of one thing: if they were so hell-bent on these ideas, they could have passed these types of laws when they controlled all three branches of the federal government.


Why’re you quick to assume he wants gun control?

Look how well that’s working out for us.

Something is CLEARLY wrong with that picture.

Again, who’s to say Trump WANTS gun control? This is Democrats’ way of deflecting.

Actually, DACA was a problem that Obama created.

The Democrats did that when they started advocating for gun control while there was still blood on the ground.

No, fool. He’s saying if you guys were so passionate about this issue then you would have done something under Obama.


More Democratic talking points.

This is the most desperate plea EVER.

Um, probably because CONGRESS has to do something about it.

He’s pointing out the hypocrisy.

Translation: You aren’t pushing gun control, therefore, you don’t care about anyone but yourself.

Why is it okay for Democrats to spew talking points left and right but it’s not okay for Trump to do the same?

Open up your blinders, man.

Hmmm. Where, oh where, have we seen this tactic used before?

Oh. That’s right. Obama.