Along with many other celebrities, Chelsea Handler was quick to blame politicians and the NRA for the school shooting in Florida.

“You have blood on your hands” seems to be today’s talking point.

Except Handler forgot one important tidbit. And OANN’s Liz Wheeler wasn’t going to let her forget it.


The person who should be blamed first and foremost is the SHOOTER, you know, the one who ACTUALLY pulled the trigger. But gee, what a concept.

She’s so far beyond help.

That’s the thing though…CRIMINALS commit crimes, meaning they break laws. So, therefore, passing more laws isn’t going to suddenly make these criminals follow the law.

See how that works?

She has a blue checkmark next to her name so she thinks she’s important.

Martha, can you show us the Federal Election Commission (FEC) filings where you’re getting this information from? The NRA does not donate to every single Republican out there.

Would you like fries with that Whopper?