While the Internet enjoyed making fun of the Obama’s portraits, singer Kaya Jones took offense to the portraits, but for a reason many might not consider: the propaganda factor.

Hadn’t even thought of it as propaganda that leads to terrorism until you pointed it out, Kaya. Now that’s all I see.

Can’t blame you there. So many others need to follow suit.

Liberals would be SO triggered.

It’s sad that it takes a national tragedy to bring people together.

They sit on their asses because the people who do this stuff are celebrities. Celebrities claim this is “art” and they’re off the hook. If us normal folk posed with pictures of Trump’s head, we’d be considered batshit crazy.

Double standards, right?

Sadly, you can’t fix stupid.

The mainstream media thought Hillary had the campaign in the bag. Trump’s election threw everything they knew about politics out the window.

Because they wouldn’t get away with half the crap that they do here.

HA! Right above the trash can?