Tucker Carlson is no stranger to having oddballs on his show. On Monday night, he had Deirdre Griswold, a North Korea sympathizer, on his show to talk about the country. To say it was interesting is a gross understatement.

And apparently, the craziness that goes on in North Korea is somehow America’s fault? Whaaaat?!

If you thought that clip was crazy, just watch the full interview:

What in the fresh hell is this lady smokin’?

He knows what to say at the PERFECT time.

What hole is she living in?

But she did read that one CIA book, so gotta give her credit there. Even if it is a small ounce of credit.

If Tucker got an award for this interview, he’d look something like Tom Brady receiving the Lombardi trophy:

We all have that one crazy aunt…

They’re probably trolls.

It’s like watching a real-life Reddit exchange.

I’m telling you, he MUST find Twitter and Reddit trolls. Where else could he get this kind of character from?

Start a Go Fund Me account and you’re sure to get that funded REAL QUICK.

Probably closer to 32.

The kind that requires you to get up and switch the knob…You know, like this…