The delusional Joy Reid is at it once again. This time, her wacky tweeting spree is focused on illegal immigration and ICE raids.

There are so many things that can be said about this. For one, where the hell is she getting her information? Doesn’t know how President Barack Obama (her savior) had more deportations than any other president in history? But that’s okay because he’s a Democrat, right?

Not all prisons are private. In fact, that majority of prisons are owned by the federal government.

Here. We’ll answer it for you: it’s helping our country by deporting those who didn’t come here legally. It gives those who DO want to come here LEGALLY the priority.

Wait…wait…wait. Back that train up a second.

You mean to tell me that these people come to the United States illegally, they break our laws, get caught, are deported and then you want them to skip EVERYONE who has WAITED YEARS and paid THOUSANDS of dollars? Yeah, because that makes freaking sense.

When she says “friend” she really means that voice in her head.

OFFS. Get off your high horse. Trump isn’t rounding up people to execute them. He’s sending them back to their home countries, not to internment camps or gas chambers.

The comparison is downright stupid and ignorant.

Hitler and the Nazis MURDERED people. What part of that can you liberals not get through your thick skull?

Deportation is NOT equivalent to being killed. And I’m sure if you asked any Jew who survived the Holocaust, they’d be disgusted by you all for using them as a political pawn.

Thanks for that history lesson, John. WTF does that have to do with anything?