Apparently celebrities never get tired of going on anti-Trump tirades and tantrums.

Here’s another example of Cher losing her marbles. Because of what, exactly, no one knows.

When did he say we should be treated like sh*t?

You’re so clever with your nicknames, Betty.

Here comes the race card.

Notice this saying comes from “Occupy Democrats.”

Nuff said there.

Yet he has more females in his cabinet than any other president.

In your dreams, buddy.

Why is it so hard for you all to accept that Trump is our president? How many years must go by before you come to accept reality?

It’s hard to take you seriously with the #FUCKyouTRUMP hashtag on her eye.

Conservatives fought back against by providing her with facts, you know, those things liberals hate SO much.

Cher likes to ignore this tidbit because it doesn’t go with the liberal agenda. If it was Obama who did this, liberals would be CRYING over how happy they were. Trump does it and it doesn’t matter.

Go figure, right?

Liberals are so quick to condemn people that they don’t give them a chance to prove their case in a court of law. It’s sad, really.


WAAAMBULANCE to the rescue!