One of the biggest highlights of last night’s State of the Union address didn’t even come from President Donald Trump himself. The magical moment came from none other than Rep. Joe Kennedy III, the Democrats’ choice to give the State of the Union response.

During Grant Stinchfield’s show on NRATV, NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch appeared to talk about the tragedy the Democrats are referring to as a response.

The BEST part of this whole thing HAS to be Dana putting on Carmex during the whole interview. A close second is her dancing to “Lips Poppin’.”

He wanted to make sure his lips were camera ready.

Can’t lie, this song makes you want to get up and DANCEEEEE.

These two weren’t the only two to take jabs at Kennedy either.

Isn’t it great when these rich folks try to tell poor people how to live their lives?


We aren’t letting this go into the vault of hidden secrets without enjoying it a bit first.