Today was an interesting day in the Oval Office. President Donald Trump was gifted…a pair of Aflac socks. Apparently the company has increased 401(k) contributions as a result of Trump’s tax plan.

The other interesting thing to note: Melania Trump appeared in an Aflac commercial back in 2005.

Is there a matching tie too?

This guy’s face says it all.

“Trollin’ the President. In person.”

He can’t even hide his excitement.

“What is this they’re giving me?”

Here’s the full commercial Melania stars in:

Some people had the right idea.


Others used the opportunity to roast on Trump:

How long did it take you to come up with that line?

Are you sad they’re benefiting from the Republican tax cuts?

Cry baby.

You hate that America is winning, too?

Don’t be shocked if you end up with Secret Service at your door.

Seriously, people, what the hell is wrong with you?! Why can’t you be happy that there are Americans who are being POSITIVELY impacted by Congressional policy? I get it. You’re a Democrat and you don’t want to admit that the Republicans have done anything right. That would mean you have to reevaluate yourself, your politicians and your policy perspective. Wishing ill harm on the President of the United States — REGARDLESS of what party he belongs to — is WRONG.


It seems like all the Democrats have embraced Negative Nancy’s resting b**ch face.