Either CNN has a sick sense of humor or they’re trying to be ironic. The media giant has sent out numerous push notifications to mobile phones about an update on the false ballistic missile alert that went out in Hawaii earlier this month.


“The worker who triggered Hawaii’s false ballistic missile alert…” will be on replay in your dreams…err…nightmares.

They just keep coming.

And coming.

With no end in sight.

Can’t really blame people for getting annoyed with it. Push notifications are annoying in general. But getting the same push notification 10 to 12 times would be CRAZY annoying.

We’re calling it irony.

Apparently companies — and the government — don’t vet people who push alerts out.


Careful, you might trigger those who were in Hawaii at the time.

Highly unlikely but definitely probable.

That’s one way to get people calling you “fake news.”

And it still hasn’t stopped.


More than likely.

If it’s a joke no one is laughing except for them.

Doubt they’re THAT clever.

Your phone IS tripping…over all them notifications.

Probably closer to 2,000 times by now.

Whaaat? You don’t like knowing about the same story 12 times?

You’re complaining about their complaining about CNN screwing up? Even more irony.

It’s simple. Turn off push notifications. DUH.

BUT the BEST tweets go to…

There’s a knock.