Need something to brighten your day? Maybe Jake Tapper’s 8-year-old can help with that.

Earlier this year, Tapper’s kid started the “Tooty Cube” comic panels. It’s seriously cute and gives you hope for humanity. After all, kids aren’t totally aware of what’s happening in the world.

Here is today’s latest comic:

He’s looking a little green, dontcha think?

Shadows?! OMG. NO!

Where oh where could Tooty Cube be?!


Annndddd…it’s over.

You know Tooty Cube is a star when publicists are eyeing him.

Keep it going, Tooty Cube!

Seriously. At least there’s something bright in this world.

More deserving than Obama, that’s for sure.


Doesn’t it make you miss coloring…and imagining…and dreaming?

I see what you did there.

Give him a cape and he’s our new Superman.

Oh no. The end of the world is coming.

You’re making his kid’s day by saying that.