On Wednesday, a Pasco County Sheriff’s Deputy spotted a horse running along a highway. As the deputy requested backup, he chased the horse in his truck. The following video was recorded:

While the site is pretty hilarious, not all social media users were thrilled with the sight.

And the clicking sound is what is used to make horses run.

Wouldn’t that be quite the sight to see?


Cut the guy some slack. He was trying to help the horse. Not his fault he doesn’t know anything about horses.

Is this what you’d prefer?

Guess deputies need to carry bags of fruit in their cars in case they spot loose animals.

While some people decided to give horse advice to the deputy, others took the opportunity to insert their political opinion.

That escilated quickly.


Here we go with the racism comments.

And if the officer let the horse run around without trying to stop it in order to protect it people would be up in arms about how heartless he is.

Seriously, cut the guy some slack.

How does race even play into this whole discussion? Some, please, enlighten me.