Back in the day, flying was considered a luxury. People wore their Sunday best. After all, flying on an airplane wasn’t a normal occurrence, at least not like it is today.

Matt Drudge, however, had an interesting experience that will not only gross you out but make you appreciate cars and trains a whole lot more.

Sounds like whenever I have to fly.


Man, that blows.

And grab a face mask while you’re at it.

That’s what flying has become, hasn’t it?

That’s a pretty decent rule of thumb.

Now THAT’S an oxymoron.

Especially not after this description, huh?

Even the unhygienic have to travel, unfortunately.

And we pay hundreds of dollars to endure it.

You mean you don’t like a stranger groping you?

Imagine getting all those germs under a microscope. YUCK.

That’s kind of the conservative thing to do. You know, by conserving your money and all.

Give the dude a break. If he flew in a private jet people would chastise him for “flaunting” his money and not being like the rest of us.