Actress Suzanne Somers was approached by TMZ and asked how she felt about the government shutdown. During the interview, she admitted to being a fan of President Donald Trump’s policies.

Here’s the conversation:

TMZ: Hey Suzanne. Are you happy about the shutdown with the government today?

Somers: Yeaaah.

TMZ: It’s about time we shut down or what? What are your thoughts on that?

Somers: Let’s just, like, get it all together.

TMZ: Get it all together?

Somers: [while laughing awkwardly] None of us want it.

TMZ: Shutdown permanently. It’s Trump’s one year anniversary. Do you think it’s, like, a timely thing to happen?

Somers: I’m happy about him.

TMZ: You’re happy about what he’s doing? Cutting taxes?

Somers: Yeah, I am.

TMZ: What’re you happy about?

Somers: I’m happy that the economy is doing so much better.

TMZ: Awesome. That’s so cool to hear someone say that in Los Angeles because it’s a very oppossing–

Somers: Very rare.

TMZ: –side and take.

Somers: [while laughing] And now my career is over.

TMZ: [laughing] Oh stop. I think there’s some people that will have your back out there.

People’s reactions on Twitter were priceless.

Sadly, in her line of work, if you’re not a liberal then you’re nothing. And you put your career in jeopardy.

Just because she doesn’t share the same political opinion as you doesn’t mean that she needs “prayers” to come to her senses…or to your side.

Her publicist would probably be more upset if she said “no comment” and smacked the camera. At least she was friendly and answered the guy’s questions.

People like Somers are afraid to speak out in favor of Trump because he’s such a devisive person. People on the right love him. People on the left hate him. If you’re somewhere in the middle then both groups hate you. It’s a lose-lose scenario for a person in Hollywood who could careless.

Welcome to America, where the politics are divisive and Hollywood elites are hypocrites.