Earlier today, Sen. Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) tweeted about her expecting a child in the near future.

Having kids is something everyone gets excited about.

When One America News Network’s Liz Wheeler saw the tweet, however, she had one thought:

Makes you wonder…will any feminist celebrate this milestone? Probably not. After all, it IS a birth we’re talking about and you know how they feel about babies and abortion…

Planned Parenthood is probably trying to figure out how to spin this into a “pro-choice” type of deal.

At least she received some congratulatory tweets.

Wheeler isn’t the only one who thinks she’s badass.

AMERICA needs good news in general. Especially with the #SchumerShutdown debacle.

What about “Goose?” Teeheehee.

Now THAT’S a dance.

Awe. So cute.

Sparkly graphics are still around?

Yup. Apparently they’re still a thing.

Why not just say you want the Duck family in office?

You HAD to kill the good news with Obama, didn’t you? Ugh.