Blogger Candace Owens has released a new video focus on the hypocrisy behind the women’s march.

Here’s the video transcript:

Back in 2017, I had no clue what women were marching about in this country. The year is now 2018 and I still have no clue what women are marching about in this country.

My name is Candace Owens are you are watching, “Who’s [sic] march is it anyways?”

What would have to be going on in your country to make you dress like a vagina and wear a pink pu**y hat on your head? If this question just stumped you, then you are literally me this past weekend, trying to figure out what the heck these women are marching about and why the heck they insist on wearing a pu**y hat on their heads.

Some people criticize the movement as being unintellectual and that’s not fair. If these women weren’t smart then why are they carrying around signs of wisdom, like ‘f**k you, you f**king f**k?’


That’s not helping anybody.

Let’s switch gears. So what maybe they aren’t the most eloquent signs. Don’t let that distract from the message of their oppression. I mean, last year Madonna thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House. Clearly, there is something wrong with our government and the way that it treats women. I mean, why else would she threaten to blow up the White House? It’s not like Madonna is some crazy, has-been pop star who’s desperate for relevance or anything.

“We love Madonna! F**k you, you f**king f**k!”

Clam down! Let’s just try to look at this objectively.

I don’t think we should blow up the White House because, factually speaking, Preside Trump has elected more women to high-ranking cabinet positions than any President in the history of the United States.


Don’t let that discourage you. Maybe there’s other stuff we can threaten to blow up.

I’d stay away from the colleges and universities too, though, because factually speaking, women are graduating in much higher numbers than men. They also account for the majority of business startups.

Stay away from there!

And we’re far less likely to commit crimes, go to prison, or commit suicide.

Who’s [sic] march is this again?

Of course, Candace received instant applause from Twitter birds:

Who can be against someone who speaks the truth and points out hypocrisy?

Most of those women don’t even know what the heck they’re marching for.

That’d make an interesting headline… “Madonna offs blogger over political satire.”

Maybe we’ll see a Senator Candace Ownes in 20 years.

She says what we’re all thinking.

They might be slightly less angry.

Because then they wouldn’t be able to say it’s “inclusive” and “anybody can join regardless of their political affiliations.”

And women are quick to say the Women’s March don’t speak for them.