It’s no secret that Hollywood liberals are out of touch with reality. Their ignorance becomes even more evident whenever something major happens in the political sphere.

Today, Barbra Streisand reminded Americans just how little she follows politics when her focus of the “Trump Shutdown” is on climate change and the EPA.

Oh, Barbra. The last thing any of us are concerned about right now is the EPA. Americans are upset that our men and women in uniform aren’t being paid for putting their lives on the line…all because politicians are having a pissing match with one another.

Nice Photoshop job there.

That’d make things interesting.


Explains why SoCal has so much pollution.

She must have gotten her memo and talking points from the Democrats. Shocker, right?

Actors and actresses have no idea how politics work. They think they can spew whatever comes to their mind and suddenly it’s factual.

Ain’t that the truth?

Streisand thinks she speaks for all Americans when she speaks for a tiny fraction.

Well, that escalated quickly.