Throughout the day, a jury has been hearing arguments about whether or not former Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke was guilty of infringing upon a Dan Black’s rights when he was arrested following an altercation on a flight that was landing in Milwaukee.

The jury had to decide: were Black’s rights violated and if so, should he receive any compensation?

Are you sure he was targeting you?

Thankfully, we now know the verdict.

That must be Black’s way of tucking his tail between his legs and accepting he was defeated.

Some cheered for Clarke.

We’re going to end up with quite the puddle, aren’t we?

Not everyone was happy about the decision.

Maybe they’re incompetent? Or maybe this was an open and shut case.

Here we go…

Clarke has been known to be quite the Twitter bird.

Case. Closed. Move on.

And Democrats say WE’RE the ones who are racist?

Might want to look in the mirror, buddy.