TMZ caught music sensation John Legend on video saying the Chuck Schumer shutdown is a result of racists like President Donald Trump and the Republican Party.

Here’s how the interview with TMZ went down:

TMZ: What do you think of Trump deflecting blame onto the Democrats because of the shutdown?

Legend: Trump is a racist. He doesn’t want more brown and black people here, that’s why he’s talking about shithole countries. That is his whole MO. That’s the MO of a significant number of the Republican Party. That’s why there’s a shutdown. That’s the only reason. Enough Republicans and Democrats would vote for a compromise on immigration right now but because of the far right-wing and Trump being racist, they don’t want to make a deal.

TMZ: Are you proud that the Democrats are holding their ground?

Legend: Yes. I hope they keep holding their ground.

Don’t you just love when celebrities try and make things like this so cut and dry? The Schumer Shutdown occurred because Democrats allowed it to. The Democrats are trying to steamroll Republicans by forcing them into immigration policy that they oppose. That’s not being racist. That’s playing politics.

At least some Americans saw through the crap.

Democrats rely on their emotional appeals as their tactic for winning elections and popular opinion. Remove any emotion and look at things logically and you’re a Republican. Amazing, right?

That would actually require doing some research on his part. He’s lazy and doesn’t want to have to dive into policy, yet he wants to publicly comment on Congressional happenings.

If he could list them, he would. Notice how he didn’t go into greater detail? That would require him actually knowing what he’s talking about.

I see what you did there.