Yesterday, Allie Stuckey, better known as the Conservative Millennial, disagreed with the notion that that #MeToo campaign is a symptom of a broken system.

It wasn’t long before Jeff Bernstein, a board member on Georgetown’s Master of Science in Foreign Science, jumped in, saying he hoped Stuckey knew what it was like to have a “#metoo moment.”

Stuckey tweeted the university to see how they would respond. And other conservatives quickly jumped on board.

Get rid of this dude, Georgetown.

You’d think they would but nope.

Who can justify rape? It doesn’t matter what political party you belong to. Rape. Is. WRONG.

That’s one way of looking at it.

Proof that everyone thinks this is wrong.

And, not surprisingly, Jeff’s tweets are now protected and he removed his bio from his Twitter profile.

Chicken sh*t.

Apparently though, he apologized to Stuckey, despite the rest of us not being able to see the tweets.

But Stuckey had a word of advice for him: