Whether or not you agree with President Donald Trump’s politics, there is one thing that is for sure: the man is making history and he’s sure to be featured in future game shows.

Greg Gutfeld seems to think a Jeopardy question including our current president will be a thing of the future.

It’d make things interesting, wouldn’t it?

Houses for $400!


Congrats! You’ve picked today’s DAILYYYY DOUBBBLLEEE!

JUST $200? Not feelin’ like riskin’ it, aye?

We got a big spender here, ladies and gentlemen!

Ohhh! Now that’s a great category. Bet we know who is the poster child for it.

You mean you don’t want to wait 10 years for this to show up as a Jeopardy question?

Try saying that 10 times fast.

They say it’s all about perspective, you know.

Otherwise known as “politicians.”

We’ve all been there…the not studying part, at least.