Who doesn’t love a nice glass of whiskey on (or off) the rocks? Apparently the New York Post’s Op-Ed Editor, Seth Mandel, is no stranger to the finer things in life…that also come in bulk.

Wasn’t even aware of Kirkland’s having their own scotch. Good to know.

Grape. Grape. Grape.

Sounds like a lethal combination. Or something white girls who love pumpkin spice lattes and uggs would drink.

*shakes crystal ball*

Guess not.


Californians and the French have the same attitude.

That’s quite the challenge there.

Probably in the works.

To make things even funnier…there was also a debate about what KIND of scotch Kirkland has.


So there’s more than one brand? Noted.

Sounds fancy.

Sounds like quite the concoction.

Someone seems to be down with the Costco liquor.

Scotch AND Bourbon?! Double whammy.

And there’s a third one.

Top shelf liquor for cheap ass pricing? WINNING.

Now ya’ll just sound like a bunch of alcoholics.

Stop up on the three MUST HAVE items while you’re there. At least if you lose power you’re set with TP and booze. Wouldn’t want to be caught dead without either one of them.

Add it. RIGHT NOW.

Say whaaattt?!

Well, that escalated quickly.

At least he clarified so people know it’s other brands’ product with a Kirkland’s label slapped on it.