RedState’s Senior Contributing Editor, Ben Howe, decided to troll a Tinder bot. While it’s not exactly advised for everyone, the thread in itself is slightly funny.

The best part? He doesn’t actually answer her questions.

That took a lot of thought.

As long as you’re not playing Justin Bieber you should be good.

Nothing is too old for a robot. DUH.

It’s like MySpace all over again.

What’s next? A PC4PC?

How does she know you have gmail and not Yahoo or some other free email service?

Translation: You will see that I’m a hack. I’ll say I’m a princess from a foreign country and need you to pick up $5 billion dollars. But first, send me your banking information.

It’s over before it began.

Apparently this is a thing amongst politicos.

Don’t worry, Jesse. There’s plenty of fake Tinder bots to go around.

Some wives would get a kick out of it. Others….not so much.

LOL. So “swipe left” means nothing to you?

Do they hack your info at their “better” link?

We’d all love to be a fly on the wall when this conversation goes down.

Already getting shut down.


You didn’t exactly argue your case there, man.

Don’t tell Mrs. Kelly. She’ll hunt you down.

Technically you didn’t join…

OUCH. That’s harsh.

Or a Bob.