Earlier this morning, ICE officials raided a number of 7-Eleven stores.

Poor Apu.

AM/PM and 7-Eleven are two different chains.

It’s not about what jobs they’re taking. It’s about them being here illegally.

Don’t be hatin’ on the Slurpees.


We’re so evil for wanting to enforce our laws, right?

Oh, please.

BAHAHA. Well played.

Someone save da slurpeeeeessss!


Why? Because they’re doing their job of enforcing the law?

BUT if they’re here illegally and they get a job that a legal citizen or resident could obtain, that IS taking jobs away from Americans.

Come on, Ruth. It’s simple.

Go to rural parts of America and SHOCKER! Most of the people behind the counter are white Americans.

#Enforcement at its finest.

What isn’t racist these days?