It was brought to our attention that those responsible for the gobo lighting were the Metro Atlanta Democratic Socialists of America. They released the following statement to WXIA-TV:

“This evening, activists with the Metro Atlanta Chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America sent a message directly to Donald Trump and his proto-fascist administration – they are not welcome in the City of Atlanta.

“F— Trump”, “Dismantle White Supremacy”, “No One is Illegal” and “Medicare for All” was projected onto the side of Mercedes-Benz Stadium just moments before Trump took the field at the NCAA National Championship game.

The projections are a statement of our anger and disgust with the racist Trump administration but they are also a vision of a more prosperous future for our community – a future where our bodies aren’t used for profit in an unjust healthcare system and a future where no one has to live in fear of deportation or racist violence.

We believe that future is attainable through mass working class mobilization against the evils of capitalism, white supremacy, patriarchy and imperialism.”

In an earlier version of this article, the headline and first paragraph incorrectly said the Mercedes-Benz Stadium was responsible for the lighting.

Updated Story:

Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, which hosted the College Football Championship last night, was the scene of a gruesome image. The Metro Atlanta Democratic Socialists used the side of the building to display their disdain for President Donald Trump in a rather tacky fashion.

Real classy.

Of course, the lefties were quick to praise the stadium’s antics.

Not exactly creative by any means.

How is that truth? All they did was flip the president off. They didn’t provide any kind of riveting information.

A sign that will probablyyyy have huge economic impacts for the stadium’s sponsors who probably had nothing to do with this.

A chuckle. How clever.

Would you condone this kind of behavior if it was President Obama? Doubtful.

Please, tell us how the President has personally disrespected you?

We’re waaaaiiitttiiinnnggg.

The lefties keep proving how classless they truly are.

Conservatives weren’t exactly happy with the image. Can you blame them?

It doesn’t matter who the president is or what political party they are affiliated with, this is just downright rude.

Some people are clearly not loving Trump like the MAGA train does.

And Tom Hanks as VP.

America has lost any sense of morality. That much is true.

Nothing new but definitely stupid.

Sound advice. Liberals will never take it though.