With the #TimesUp campaign in full swing, throughout the day, average Americans have taken selfies in black and posted in Twitter. The idea? Apparently this is their way of “standing in solidarity” with Hollywood.

How does wearing a color fight for anything? 

Are you telling all of your patients why you’re wearing black? Or just Twitter?

Newsflash: conservative women have been victims of harassment and assault. You don’t have to be a “nasty woman” to experience these crimes.

You probably would have had a greater impact if you actually showed your face.

Feminists: stop acting like you’re the only ones who want to stop abuse.

If you wear black every day you can’t claim you’re CHOOSING to wear black today in solidarity of this movement.

The message is making its way across the world.

Just the finishing touch, aye?

What you wear won’t suddenly make opportunities more prominent.

Translation: get on the selfie bandwagon. THAT is how you join the movement.

Someone might want to inform them that Twitter selfies don’t dictate policy changes.

^^^ THIS sums up the problem with these “solidarity” actions, like wearing black and taking selfies.