On Wednesday night, ESPN’s Katie Nolan appeared on the Desus & Mero talk show.

During the interview, one of the hosts mentions that President Trump has a habit of putting thumbs up.

“Well that’s because he’s a  f***,” Nolan said. Once she realized what she said, it became evident that she realized hse put her foot in her mouth. “That’s because he’s a f—ing stupid person.”

Once word got out that Nolan made the comments, Trump supporters wasted no time going to bat for the president.

Tree has a point. Trump did leave behind a career where he was more respected and paid more money to come to a job where so many people hate him and he’s constantly ridiculed. Guess that’s the perks of politics though, right?


But we get your point, all grammar aside.

If the shoe fits…wear it? Must be Katie’s motto.


Um…to us normal folk, that does mean “okay” and “thumbs up.” It’s the progressives who have suddenly changed their definition.

It’s highly unlikely she would have made these comments about Barack Obama.

You know America has gone downhill when even sports has become political.

If you’re pretty and you go with the liberal agenda then you automatically get a job in the entertainment biz.

It’s because you’re not drinking the liberal Kool-Aid, Leesa.


We for sure have three more years to go…but we’re hopin’ for seven.

He’s meltin’ snowflakes one by one.

Translation: Your career is OVERRRR.