UPDATE: December 29th 4:45 p.m. EST

John Cardillo and Anna Khait have apparently cleared the air.

Twitchy spoke with John Cardillo, Jeremy Oliver and Anna Khait. Cardillo is adamant that he did not steal the video because it was on a publicly accessible YouTube account. Oliver stands by his story that Cardillo stole the video when it was unlocked for him to see. Khait isn’t sure what actually took place since she didn’t hear the original conversation but has agreed to put this to rest for the sake of the movement.

Cardillo and Khait seem to be on the same page again, or at least in agreement to move forward.

Original Story:

Drama is breaking out in Twittersphere. Last night, radio host John Cardillo posted a video “exposing” Joy Villa of doing the exact same thing she accused Corey Lewandowski of doing: slapping someone’s a**.

Quite a few people seem to be pissed with Cardillo for allegedly stealing the video.

Wouldn’t want to be the publicist running this show.


It’s all about “exclusives” and who gets to say they broke the story. AKA people with BIG egos.

TRANSLATION: He didn’t pay, he doesn’t get to play.


Amazing concept, right?

Quite the allegation.



Grab the popcorn.

Sometimes, in the media world, it’s better to give the story to a person or outlet who can make the most difference than letting it tank with someone smaller.


We’ll see if this becomes a story with the media.

Jeremy Oliver, a former producer for One America News Network, accused Cardillo of stealing the video, something that him and his colleagues were shopping around various media outlets.


If you asked for verification and then stole it, that’s SHAY-DAY.

That’s a lot of money for a short video.

This should be interesting…


And publicists who work with reputable journalists will also know to beware.

Oh brother…

Seems pretty cut and dry.

Someone’s cocky now, aren’t they?

The one question on everyone’s mind:

It is 2017 and there are ways of downloading YouTube videos instead of taking a shaky video on your phone.


Here’s how a publicist sees it:

Note: This article has been modified and updated with additional information collected from involved parties.