Everyday I come across some very odd stories. Surprisingly, some of the oddest are covered by the Associated Press. Who would have thought, right?

Today’s odd AP story? A guy in Ohio tried to rob a convenience store with a gun made of furniture. When the guy tried waiving the “gun” in the employee’s face, the employee realized the gun was fake. The employee and three customers confronted the robber and held him down until police arrived on the scene.

While the story is funny in itself, the Twitter reactions are priceless.

Maybe fake guns are moving in the same direction as small houses?

We all know how well Ikea’s furniture is built.

Oh. So. Punny.

At least environmentalists will be happy! At least if you’re going to rob someone, do it in a way that doesn’t harm the environment! DUH.


Maybe next time he’ll upgrade to a gun made out of Ikea metal shelving? Might be a little scarier.

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