Over the last couple of hours, Disneyland experienced a power outage, which caused many of the park’s visitors to literally lose their minds.

I’d be bummed too if I spent over $100 on a ticket and can’t even ride the rides.

That’s one way to beat the power outage.

I don’t think Tinkerbell can help you out here.

Even Disney RUNS from the Kardashians.

If this is the worst thing to happen to you, then I’d LOVE to be you.


Apparently so many people are visiting the park today that they are no longer allowing new visitors to enter.

The WORST part? No refunds.

Good luck with that.

Because they let in too many people. DUH.

Sadly, I’ve been stuck on a ride at Disneyland before. It’s shitty.

Caaaan’t really blame them though.