Last night, social media erupted when student Chloe Knox took to Twitter to explain that she was kept from asking Fox News’ Tomi Lahren about her pro-choice stance at Turning Point USA’s “Student Action Summit.”

Now, even more people are throwing in their two cents, including Lahren’s former boss, TheBlaze’s Glenn Beck.

Don’t you just love the “P.S. – she wasn’t fired for being pro-choice” comment at the end?

Daily Wire writer Elliott Hamilton also made sure his position was known amongst his conservative followers.


Ask Tomi! She’s the official “snowflake referee”…err, something like that.

Devin, don’t know that she’s “telling it like it is” when she decides to talk about the issue?


Others offered their support to Chloe.

Scotland has a point. No one should try to be controversial if they’re not willing to have their feet held to the fire.

We have to defend the unborn since they can’t speak for themselves.

Pot meet kettle.

Maybe she’s trying to avoid having an epic snowflake-like meltdown?

That about sums it up.

Someone else decided to share their “Final Thoughts” on Tomi’s Snowflake-ism.

Things continued to get heated when Second Amendment advocate Antonia Okafor, who is a known friend of Tomi’s, decided to jump into the mix.

But was Antonia prepared to be proven wrong about her assessment of the situation?

^^^^ Exactly!

Can we get a micdrop up in here?!

Then, Lawrence B. Jones III jumped in and what he said is 100 percent ON POINT.

If you’re a commentator of any kind you have to be able to comment on whatever is asked of you. It’s literally part of your job.

How is this an attack? People are being critical of Tomi because she preaches about being open and honest and unapologetically conservative but she can’t take five minutes out of her day to respond to a simple question? If you make your political ideas known and you have a national platform then be prepare for people on all sides of the political aisle to criticize you.

If you can’t take the heat then don’t step in front of the camera.


And the winner of today’s “common sense award” goes to DANIEL HAMAKER!

Again, if you’re going to be someone who calls out the liberals you need to be prepared to answer questions from your followers…and critics.

It’s not okay for people on the Right to say the Left needs to be able to defend their positions but people on our side can’t do the same. If we want the Left to have an intelligent conversation with us then we need to start by having an intelligent conversation with the people on our own side.


Apparently open dialogue is welcome, as long it’s on Tomi’s time, not anyone else’s.

Tomi semi-addressed this situation last night in a subtweet.

Who’s asking you to lose yourself? All you had to do was answer a question. That’s not losing yourself. That’s explaining yourself.



Maybe a new Snowflake sweater will help?

There are no words…

Even Liberals had some advice for Tomi.


BUT the best response to Tomi’s tweet:

Jane “Snowflake Hunter” Doe.