Politics is a dirty business, especially when you work at a conservative advocacy group such as Turning Point USA. You’re also held to a higher standard than most because you’re promoting an entire ideology.

TPUSA’s Pacific Northwest Regional Director, Richard Armande Mills, decided to go after the Obama girls. Only one problem: he didn’t expect to receive criticism from fellow right-wingers.

Two wrongs don’t make a right. I thought that was taught in Kindergarten?

So I was right. It was taught in Kindergarten. Mr. Mills just missed that day of school.


Anyone with even a small bit of morality knows that kids shouldn’t be attacked for their parents’ doing…or politics.

Translation: your thoughts don’t represent the rest of us.


Would anyone care what Malia Obama was doing if her father wasn’t a political figure? No. So leave. Her. Be.

At least someone called him out for it.

You know Richard got his panties in a bunch when he resorts to the “self-righteous” comment.

Can you get some new material, dude?

Well, the fact that he’s having to answer her on today’s Twitter judgment day says it all.


Someone get this guy a defibrillator! I think he’s about to have a heart attack. You KNOW his blood is boiling.