Now that Thanksgiving is over we can FINALLY kick off the Christmas season, right?

Apparently one lady missed the memo. She started a celebrating quite awhile ago with her own rendition of “jingle bells.”

You have to give her credit. She was really getting into the spirit of the holidays. Facebook user’s comments, however, were priceless.

The dog is the best part of his video. His facial expressions are probably the same as ours.

He’s probably heard this song 100 times by now.

Remember: dogs are usually pretty good at judging people’s characters.

Or when the interviewer asks you what your skills are, this is definitely one of those unconventional skills you can put on the list.

Maybe we’ll see her next year on a Kohl’s TV ad?

Do the candy cane pants suddenly make you more talented? Or is it just for show?

Then there’s this creeper. What would you say if you found out who this lady is? “Hi. My name is Shelley. I saw a video of you playing bells on your ass on Facebook. We look JUST like one another. Wanna be friends?!”

By far, the troll winner goes to…