Just when you think things couldn’t get any worse, they do. People on social media are excited…because former President Barack Obama had jury duty.

What makes him so noble? No one takes my picture or shakes my hand when I have jury duty.

Oh, yeah. He’s totally upstanding for doing his civic duty. *eye roll*

And what jury would that be for?

Uhh…did it ever occur to you that he was doing this to make himself relevant again? Or for free publicity? Naw? Didn’t think so.

Probably would depend on their verdict, dontcha think?

I’m sure all of us would fangirl.

Chicago probably decided they didn’t need a trail of tears.

Oh, brother.

A Constitutional Law Professor who seems to forget what the Constitution says.

I would have barfed on your fainting body.

Now let’s take all you liberal fools back down to reality.