Now that Congressional Republicans are talking about repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act, Democrats are complaining about the potential loss of Obama’s signature legislation. Of course, that makes Republicans extremely evil.

Now every Republican is a mobster. Makes perfect sense.

How does improving a flawed law equal death? Can someone please enlighten me?

If you consider punishing people via a fine for not having healthcare because they can’t afford it, then yup, Obamacare is definitely major accomplishment.

Yes, Republicans just want everyone to die a slow, painful death. *eye roll*

Heaven forbid people want to have a say in their healthcare. Suddenly the GOP just hates people living!

That’s a pretty loose connection…

At least someone understands the real reasoning behind the change.

Now we wait to see what kind of meltdown will take place as President-elect Trump and the Republicans inch closer to repealing and replacing Obama’s signature legislation, all in the name of improving our nation.