shocked face

Even though comedian Steve Harvey endorsed Hillary Clinton, he took the time to meet with President-elect Trump to discuss inner-city issues. According to Harvey, his meeting with Trump was successful, and he would do it again.

Unfortunately, not everyone agreed with him…


Is it horrible for a President to want to understand his constituents, even the ones who didn’t want to vote for him?

Because the compassionate, liberal reaction to something disagreeable is to make fun of physical appearance. “When they go low, we go high,” right?


Harvey is even “losing fans” over this.

Last I checked, Trump wasn’t paying him.

Does this even make sense?

It’s really sad that liberals preach “tolerance” and “acceptance” but they can’t accept being part of a bipartisan solution.

Apparently, being open minded now makes you a puppet.

Poor Steve. Everyone is berating him for no reason.

Things didn’t turn out so bad for Kanye after he met with Trump. On second thought, I’m sure Steve will be fine.