For weeks, Democrats have banked on the Electoral College changing their votes to keep President-Elect Trump from taking office. Only one problem? Electoral College delegates didn’t quite get their sentiment.

In fact, Clinton supporters had major meltdowns.

1.  “Shame!”

Remember, y’all. It’s her America. And in her America, Trump just can’t be the President.

2. Drama-fest in Georgia.

You can reject the President-Elect all you like. It’s not going to keep him from being the next resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Isn’t that the beauty of America?

3. Where’s the Po Po?

At least if you’re going to protest, do so legally. It’s hard for us to take you seriously when you can’t even follow the most basic rules.

For the last six weeks we’ve heard Liberals whine about how democracy is going down the drain because Trump is our President-Elect. At what point will Democrats realize that Americans rejected their candidate and want a different direction for our nation? It’s time to move on.