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VIP: Stop Listening to the Lies, Democrats Are NOT the Party for Women


It is election season and Democrats come out of the woodwork to bring in the 'woman vote'. They like to pretend they are the best party for women. BUT ARE THEY? I don't think so.

I feel like the 'party for women' is all based on a single lie about abortion. They are not FOR women at all and they actually have policies that directly harm women.

Let us start with a little tweet we saw on X where the post says they are voting for Joe Biden because he is better for women.

Let's break that down. Democrats do want to allow women to be able to kill their unborn children in the womb, this is true, but does that one subject make them protectors of women? Some of those who are aborted are women, they were not protecting them. Here is a dirty little secret about abortion and the Left. The Democrats have held majorities in both houses as well as holding the Whitehouse on more than one occasion. If they REALLY cared about your right to abort your kid, they could have passed a law that protected that right long ago. The reason they did not is because they prefer to have it as a weapon during election years and that does not seem like they really care about you or your unborn child.

Next, let's hop over to SAFETY.  Protecting the SAFETY of women is SUPER IMPORTANT to the Democrats. However, last I checked the border was wide open and there has been an increase in crime in almost every blue city because of DEMOCRAT policies of defunding police, and not vetting or stopping criminals from crossing the border. This does not even touch the safety of young girls being forced to compete against biological males in some sports or biological males being allowed in changing rooms, bathrooms, prisons, and locker rooms across the country. Nobody is looking out for the safety of those girls.

As for participating in a fully functioning democracy, nobody is stopping women from voting, and if the republic is not functioning very well right now that might be because the DEMOCRATS like using the justice system to punish their political enemies and they like ignoring some laws and not others. It is hard to participate in a healthy democracy when the President is turning the country into a Banana Republic.

The contrast could not be bigger. On that, we agree. Democrats yell about being for women while they actively support policies that hurt them. OVER AND OVER again. Just this week Democrats introduced the idea of having women be part of the draft. Democrats, particularly Joe Biden are also trying to kill independent contractor jobs and force women into unions or w2 jobs rather than allowing them the freedom and flexibility of working for themselves. Biden's contractor rule targets women, as women and the disabled choose independent contracting jobs more often than any other demographic because it allows them the flexibility to take care of their families.

Another thing that is important to women is their children. Remember when DEMOCRATS closed schools and businesses and did not care about how it hurt or harmed children? Tell me how that is STANDING UP FOR WOMEN.

Let us touch on the economy, because taking care of your family and yourself is also important to women. The Biden economy is riddled with inflation and they try to claim they have great job numbers but in reality, many jobs added are not full time or they are just returning jobs following COVID or they revise the numbers later when nobody is talking about it. Nothing they are doing in regards to the economy is helping WOMEN put food on their tables or protect their families.

If we are REALLY talking about supporting women and protecting them, which party wants women to learn to protect themselves with firearms, and which party is trying to keep shelters and sports safe for girls? I know this is not the popular opinion but I submit to you that REPUBLICANS are the party FOR women. Democrats have just been lying about it for so long it is hard to get people to see the only thing they do for women is kill them in the womb.

This election should not be looked at as Biden and Trump. Neither of them has a stellar record with women and neither of them is going to win women over with their charm and grace. Women should look at the facts and the vote should be based on which party is going to keep you and your family safer and offer you a better economy. I know with 100% positivity the answer is NOT Democrats and I think most Democrats know that too.

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