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MTG joins in on beating 'The Fire Alarm' horse to death as she shows how to EXIT the Cannon building


The GREAT FIRE ALARM UPRISING of 2023 has kept us all in stitches since Jamaal Bowman pulled that alarm. You can read the many ways it has entertained us here, here, and here


It has been great fun and we are going to add to that list of fun, this post by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene who showed us how EASY it is to exit the Cannon building without having to pull the alarm.  

Everyone agrees Bowman knew what he was doing and we all agree that EVERYONE is going to beat this horse into the ground because it is hilarious! The fact he did it, the fact Democrats are trying to defend it, and the fact they are STILL pretending it was an accident. It all deserves ridicule and if there is ANYONE in Washington DC who can pass out ridicule with a side of SNARK, it is MTG. 

X (Twitter) loved it and had a lot of fun in the replies. 

Many people had a lot of fun joining in with MTG in comparing the fire alarm scandal to the January 6th protests.


SAME. We really do not know how we can go on. How can we expect our representatives to continue to function in such a place with SO MANY triggers? Just passing a fire alarm is a harrowing experience now. 

Honestly, Hogwarts is more believable than Bowman! 


If not wizards, at least time travelers, right!?!?!

We think the poster was serious. His bio implies he is indeed serious. However, we implore you to read it as if it were a parody and we guarantee you will laugh. Um ... it is not apples to oranges. She is literally showing the SAME options Jamaal had for exiting the building. haha

We have no doubt you will see that line from MANY on the Left. If they can get away with it, they will 100% say she is aiding domestic terrorists and planning a coup. 


We see what they did there. Bowman was a middle school principal. We grant him the fact that working with middle schoolers and then working with Democrats in Washington DC is a solid case for pleading insanity, BUT we deny him that option in this situation. This was not an accident. 

We agree. Keep up the good work MTG, we look forward to the 'HOW TO VOTE' instructional videos for Democrats to be released by Christmas! 


Related:  HEY GUYS, don't say guys. 

This is gonna be LIT


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