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HEY GUYS the ratio on this post about gender neutral languages has us ROLLING


Inclusive language has taken over EVERYTHING. We are so over it and we bet you are too. While scrolling X (Twitter) we found a post that had SO MUCH RATIO we had to tell you guys about it so you can point and laugh along with us. 


HEY GUYS, it is not okay to say hey guys ok guys? LOL The writer of that post says she is involved in PR for music and events so we get it, they probably have to be super PC and even if they are not they pretend they are, but the ratio she received had to be a bit of an eye opener. At the time of writing this, it has 237 comments and over 900 reposts with a large majority of those being Quote Posts.

The poster did not end with just telling us to stop saying guys, she decided to elaborate. 

'Professional and inclusive environment' OMG YOU GUISE we really need to be more professional and inclusive unless you are just like, a young person talking to other young people, then it is totally okay ok guys? Our eyes rolled so far back into our heads that it gave us a headache after reading the mess. 

The bright side of having read that and feeling like we may have lost a few brain cells is that the comments and quote posts were HILARIOUS and laughter is a great healer so we think we may have gained back at least 75% of the cells we lost. 


We are going to be honest, we have no idea if that dude is serious but either way, we cackled. 

Nice Orwell reference! And if we really think about it, the way the Left is obsessed with changing language, trying to make some words unacceptable and changing definitions of others, we often feel like we are living in the prequel to 1984. 

We do not want to be WOKE-WIRED, do you? 

HA! That was a fun ride. WASN'T IT GUYS!!??

*Alien Robot Voice* Greetings, fellow earthlings, please be inclusive and gender-neutral in all of your communications. *end alien robot voice* 


HOW DARE YOU! The rule is THEY get to tell people how to speak, act, vote, and think, but WE can not. Get with the program! 

For real though, why does it seem like there is always some demand put on people to use certain words but not others? When a heterosexual female says she does not want to be called 'CIS' the world falls apart because she is being demanding and can't just say that. However, some random person on TikTok says they want to be called clown-self and everyone better fall in line fast or they are all kinds of phobic. We are really so over it. We wish people would stop trying to make EVERYTHING a problem. 

They can'tt stop. They will not stop. 
OH NO. Now we have that Miley Cyrus song stuck in our head and it is going to be there all day. 
Now you do too. AARGH. Sorry, GUYS!

HA! YEAH! The X makes everything better. Maybe if we say GUYX it will fix it. ;) 


We usually try not to use our own tweets, but we did not see it referenced anywhere else and this GEN-X writer could not do a whole piece on the use of 'GUYS' and not mention The Electric Company or SLOTH from Goonies!  

Guys, please be kind, rewind, and stop saying you guys, you guise! 


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