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Pro Surfer Bethany Hamilton INSPIRES us to make waves by her partnership with a PRO LIFE diaper company

(24.38 meters)

The Daily Signal reported that pro surfer Bethany Hamilton, now 33 and a Mom of four, has become the new brand ambassador for a Pro-life Diaper company named Every Life. Every Life donates some portion of every purchase to a Pro-Life group named Live Action. 

If you are not familiar with Hamilton, she is the pro surfer who had her arm taken in a shark attack as a teenager and the movie Soul Surfer was based on her story. This should not really make any major waves in the circles that Bethany is in but it could. 

In an excerpt from the Daily Signal piece, Hamilton talks about her reason for the partnership. 

'Every baby is a miracle, and I couldn’t be more excited to represent EveryLife as a brand ambassador,' Hamilton said in a statement. 'EveryLife’s dedication to cherishing and safeguarding every baby—born and unborn—aligns with my own values.'

I just want to give her a shout-out for being such an outspoken advocate for what she believes in. She has never backed away from a fight, not even with a shark. Seeing her still standing up and being so outspoken about her beliefs is INSPIRING. Sure she is going to make money off the partnership but there are many people who would never take that risk particularly if it could hurt them in other areas of their lives. 

The abortion industry is MAJOR. The current crop of abortion activists MIGHT even be as nasty as the Trans Radical Activists. I used to volunteer in a Pro-Life clinic for many years as a teen and young adult. There were people even back then who tried to intimidate you for just having the nerve to be Pro-Life and the political activist crowd has gotten much worse and way crazier since that time. 

I sincerely hope we can all keep standing up for the sanctity of life. The current state of America often seems bleak. Generation Z seems to be super far Left often BUT I suggest to you that there is hope! There are all kinds of polls out there. Most of them tell us Gen Z support abortion rights and they do. They overwhelmingly want the right to abortion, but in the fine print of many of those polls, you will find they also want limits. There is a large percentage of them that want a limit on the time to abort and almost none of them support 3rd trimester unless it is a case of the health of the mother. 

MAYBE we have an opportunity with the help of people like Bethany to actually talk about abortion. To talk about the true effects on the people who have them, to talk about the other options a person in a really bad situation might have. and to change hearts and minds. Let's all be like Bethany and KEEP fighting. Never give up. Never lose hope. 



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