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HILARIOUS art is projected onto Charleston’s ‘toilet paper roll’ cell tower


We here at Twitchy bring you a lot of serious hard-hitting news. We also like to bring you the news that makes us laugh and we are not above a little bathroom humor so, of course, this story about an artist who projected some Beavis and Butthead HILARIOUSNESS onto a cell tower shaped like a toilet paper roll in Charleston, SC caught our eye and you dear readers get to reap the rewards!  


The article states that the guerrilla artists were a group of guys who used a drone, a generator, and a $10,000 Sony projector to project the art onto the 'toilet paper'. The art included the Beavis image with text saying ' I need TP for my Bung hole' as well as some dancing poop emojis. HA! These guys have a sense of humor and we love it! 

Apparently, the 'toilet paper cell tower' is a known monstrosity in Charleston and has been compared to other things as well but the toilet paper stack won the day with the artists in question. Their handy work created a 'crap-storm' of hilariousness on X (Twitter) as well so LET'S GET THIS POTTY STARTED!! (Yes, it going to be like that all the way to the rear end.) 

Charleston is actually lovely but we are snort laughing at that description. 


Mrs. Spew was on a ROLL! Yes, we think we are punny. 

Those posts right there are both solid number twos in our books. ;) 

Indeed, they are. Break out the poop-corn ... umm... we mean popcorn we want to see more LASER ART protesting bad architecture! haha 

HA! If you have ever been to visit Charleston one thing we all know for certain is they DOO DOO 'them' and they DOO it up BIG! 

We gotta end it there. This has been a real gas but that has to be the second or turd time we laughed so hard we almost peed.


** The Great Cornholio enters the chat **
heh heh .. this article was FIRE FIRE ... heh heh!! 

Stop laughing that iSNOT funny. 


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How often do you think about the roman empire?


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