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Join me on Team ANYBODY BUT A DEMOCRAT or don't, but GET OFF MY LAWN either way


I like many of you watched the debate on Wednesday night and it was sort of obnoxious. It made me annoyed. I wanted to slap the moderators several times but mostly it made me mad at the system. It also made me want to get people on my team: VOTE FOR ANYBODY BUT A DEMOCRAT at the same time once I tweeted about that it made me want to slap some respondents and yell at them to get off my lawn and leave me alone. 

See, I made a post on X (Twitter) about how I will literally vote for ANYONE who is on the GOP ticket who gets the nomination. Even my least favorite candidate Mr. Christie. I would probably puke and have to make a horcrux to do it but I WOULD do it. 

That tweet brought all kinds of comments out of the woodwork! One of my favorites was a person who said, OH, how cute, you think voting matters, VOTE HARDER! Ummm ... if voting does not matter then why are we having primaries at all? Why are we pretending to have elections? I get it. We have a lot of voting issues and they need to be fixed, but not voting does not fix that problem. 

The people that can fix that problem are the state legislatures and the GOP chair. The GOP chair has done NOTHING to address any voting issues that may have occurred in 2020 so I DO understand the apathy but we still have to try to keep fighting. With no fight, with no vote, we just roll over and give up. I will NEVER give up. 

Another thing I noticed was everyone and their brother's brother wanted to tell me how I should or should not vote or put down my statement that I would vote for any of them and pretend that was beneath a principled conservative. Let me put this here because I did not find some comments worth responding to on X. 

I HAVE BEEN THE PRINCIPLED CONSERVATIVE. I have voted libertarian SO many times in my life all the way back to Bob Dole and we ended up with Clinton. Not that my vote did that alone, but the point is, I get it. I have been there. I have done that. I tried more than once to get a Libertarian on a debate stage with my vote just to break up the 2 party thing we have going on. 

I am not saying I will never vote for another Libertarian; I am sure I will. I am saying this time, after 4 years of Biden I am TEAM BEAT THE DEMOCRATS even if we are trying to beat them with a used tire we have to drag them up the hill. 

I do not care if anyone agrees with me, of course, I hope I may convince you and others to join me in the cause, but here is the difference between me and the many people being annoyed by my simple post about MY choice. I will not shame you for your voting preference. 

If you love Trump I am fine with that, 

If you love DeSantis I am fine with that. 

If you love Chris Chrisite I am probably going to give you the side eye behind my screen but never to your face and I am still fine with it.

 The biggest thing is though, another four years of Biden or anyone like Biden is going to put many of us in poverty so YES I am TEAM ANYBODY. Can we just let that be ok? 

I am kind of tired of fighting about it. I am exhausted by the people who think they get to tell me how that is not really a proper stance to take. Of course, I have a preference. There is someone I like the best and think is the best option but I AM voting for ANY of them that win the nomination.

Join me on TEAM ANYBODY BUT A DEMOCRAT or don't, but either way, leave me alone and get off my lawn! I'm gonna do what I want. :) 


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