James O’Keefe is moving ahead after leaving ‘Project Veritas’ and we are here for it.No matter how you feel about the entire Project Veritas situation, you have to be happy O’Keefe is landing on his feet and running!

O’Keefe has been a consistent voice on the Right and has been pointing out the hypocrisy of the Left for years. Most of ‘Conservative Twitter’ seemed to be very happy about this announcement.

YES!!! Who can not be happy about somebody who got shut down, standing up and saying I’m still fighting!

OMG! It is!
Perfectly fitting.

O’Keefe has always stood for those things and we are so happy to see he is going to keep on pushing.

Classy. We of course did mention Project Veritas. We are not doing that to cause drama we just want the context of where he is going and where he came from. We are impressed with O’Keefe for just moving forward and not looking back.

Indeed. Welcome Back, Mr. O’Keefe. We look forward to seeing you back in the spotlight.

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