A Twitchy favorite for all of the wrong reasons, Brian Stelter is at it again. This time he is defending media coverage of the Hunter Biden laptop story.

He appeared on The Fourth Watch podcast with host Steve Krakauer. Stelter ran around in circles to defend media coverage saying they never labeled the laptop story as ‘disinformation’.

This quote is from Brian in October of 2020, so you can decide if you think his defense is full of it.

“There’s a lot about this story that does not add up,and, I mean, for all we know, these emails were made up, or maybe some are real and some are fakes, we don’t know. But we do know that this is a classic example of the right-wing media machine.”

OOOH boy. Here we go. We have seen media backpedal in the past but this has got to be one of the wildest attempts at trying to rewrite history in front of our faces that we have ever seen.

Does Brian not understand we can actually still go back and read and watch what was said and how it was covered?

Excellent point. Most of the media tried to pretend it did not even exist at the time!

We too are in total shock. SHOCKED we tell you!

HA! We snorted. No matter who you are, if you did not laugh at that one you need to read it again in a southern Grandma voice. 🙂 DO IT.

Indeed they did.

We know this comparison has been used before but it still makes us laugh every time. George was a little more likable than Brian though and that is sad because George is not what we would call a likable character!

We should not, but we are. Not so much that he is dishonest, but that he is so blatant about it and thinks we will not notice.

Oh Brian Stelter, even when your show has gone, you continue to give us the gift of your blatant partisan hackery.
For that, we thank you.


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